APRIL 26, 2012

Calvin Senior School invited officers and soldiers from the 12th 40th The Royal Tasmania Regiment and 144 Signal Squadron to speak to Home Rooms about ANZAC Day as part of the school’s ANZAC Day preparation. A program was presented to each Home Room over four days to look at the ANZAC story and the traditions of the ANZAC spirit. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) members were invited as the capstone of the program and in liaison with Veteran’s groups. Each soldier and officer has served in combat or peacekeeping operations, including East Timor, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Solomon Islands and Bougainville and was asked to present their understanding of the individual’s role in the legacy of the ANZACs. Each shared their thoughts on the ANZAC spirit as they have experienced being an ADF member on deployment.

LTCOL David Hughes, Commanding Officer 12/40 RTR told his Home Room group that although we are not all able to show great courage in physical or war like situations, we all have the opporunity to show moral courage in our everyday lives.