JULY 9, 2012

Calvin in Red for Ruby

Junior School students at Calvin Christian School had a special reason for wearing every shade of red last Friday as they raised funds for Ruby Drysdale.

Ruby, whose sisters Madeline and Emma are students at Calvin, is almost two years old and has cerebral palsy. Ruby has difficulty moving the right side of her body and this means having a lot of physiotherapy treatment and wearing a leg brace.  Despite this, Ruby has recently learned to walk and is pretty thrilled about that.

Ruby’s parents, Laura and David Drysdale, plan to take Ruby to Sydney in October for Constraint Induced Movement Therapy. This involves putting a cast on Ruby’s ‘good’ arm and teaching her to rely on her other arm to make it stronger.  It is hoped that after three weeks of this therapy Ruby will be able to do things with her arm and fingers that she isn’t able to now; like holding a spoon and turning the page of a book.

The procedure is expensive so staff and students at Calvin decided to help out by organising an art exhibition where children’s artwork was on sale as well as holding a Dress Red for Ruby Day.

The school was a sea of red as children, teachers and parents enthusiastically showed their support for the family.

“At Calvin, empathy and love for others isn’t just something we teach, it’s the way we live as a community,” said Principal Mr Adrian Bosker. “We are all thrilled to be able to support this family in exploring different ways for Ruby’s brain to make new pathways to help Ruby do the simple things that we take for granted, and to increase the strength in her muscles to support these new pathways.  As children of a marvellous Creator God, we consider it a privilege to express our love to each other in this way, helping Ruby grow into the person that God wants her to be.”