Calvin offers young people more than an opportunity to receive an excellent education, it offers them the opportunity to belong to a community that cares about their well being.


Welcome to Calvin Christian School’s website.

My hope is that we have the opportunity to meet.

If you are a parent I look forward to discussing the dreams and aspirations you have for your family and for your children.

If you are a student I look forward to hearing about your hopes for the future, and your current situation.  God gives you dreams and we want to assist as best we can in helping you to walk in those dreams.

God gives the responsibility of raising children to parents.  The purpose of a school is to help a family raise a child.

In an era of incredible challenges to families we wish to come alongside to support, affirm and amplify the values of your home.  In this we take our example from the Holy Spirit who, as the paraclete, ‘comes along side’ to help.

The education we provide seeks to challenge students to reach for their future.  We care for them and we are committed to helping them know themselves better.

This website will serve as an introduction to us.

I look forward to a time when we might meet.


Iain Belot