Co-curricular - Overseas Opportunities

Cultural and School Exchange

At Calvin Christian School we have opportunities for more senior students to travel overseas for cultural and school exchange. In the past students have visited the Netherlands, Germany, France and Singapore.

Korean Exchange

Calvin Christian School has a sister school relationship with Imae Middle School, Korea. This relationship increases Calvin students’ awareness and develops in them a greater understanding of another culture. Students learn to appreciate others, and understand that they have a shared responsibility to make the world a better place for all. Imae Middle School is located in Seongnam City, about 30 minutes south of Seoul. Students and staff from Imae first visited Calvin in 2010 with Calvin students and staff visiting Imae in 2011. 

Fiji Mission Trip

Since 2008, Calvin Christian School has been involved in two-week mission trips to Fiji. The primary purpose of the trip is to provide school and medical supplies to needy villages and remote medical centres. Students also run evangelistic and educational programs in schools and villages.