Curriculum - Pastoral Care

Care and Encouragement

Sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on, and at other times we need a cheer squad. Regularly we need encouragement and wise counsel. At Calvin we take the time to genuinely care for our students. We know that parents want their children to receive the very best support as they learn. 

Effective pastoral care deals with the life of a person, not just the performance of a student. Because life is more than study, Calvin students learn life skills such as self-discipline, resilience, leadership, forgiveness, repentance, kindness and conflict resolution.


School Counsellor

At Calvin we have a qualified counsellor working alongside teachers and parents to provide insight and understanding into challenging situations that arise. We also work with external bodies, where necessary, to enable the best outcomes for our students.
Julia Willoughby - email


In the Primary School the classroom teacher is the central caring figure. All matters of care and learning are naturally part of the daily life of this teacher. The Head of Primary oversees this dimension of our program, and provides support to staff and students alike.

Secondary Heads of Years

In the Secondary School, the Heads of Years are the key pastoral figures. The Head of Year follows a child from Year 7 to when they leave in Year 12. This maximises the connection between parent, school and child. The Head of Year is responsible for all matters relating directly to their year level, the overall welfare of each student, and for promoting a positive culture.

Dean of Student Welfare

The Dean of Student Welfare is responsible for the management of all student well-being in the Secondary School. The Heads of Years report to the Dean of Student Welfare. 

Ineke Laning - email


Our school chaplain offers guidance on both personal and spiritual matters. They also help to name, celebrate and pray about matters of significance, and assist with Bible study relevant to the challenges and questions facing today's students.

Marty Prins - email


Our careers pathway planner is also available to assist and advise students with choosing a pathway beyond school and introducing them to the world of work. 

 Alison Whiteley - email