Korea – Friends without Borders

Calvin Christian School is privileged to have a sister school relationship with Imae Middle School, Korea.

Imae Middle School is located in Seongnam City, about 30 minutes south of Seoul.  Students and staff from Imae first visited Calvin in 2010 with Calvin students and staff visiting Imae in 2011.  Plans are in place for Imae to return in 2012 and Calvin to visit Imae in 2012/13.

The sister school relationship seeks to increase Calvin students’ awareness of and engagement with peers from another culture.  The exchange is an opportunity for students to develop a greater understanding of another culture and in so doing develop a deeper appreciation of others and the shared responsibility they have to work together to make the world a more just place for all.

By participating in a cultural exchange students are encouraged to move beyond cultural stereotypes which constrain their understanding and restricts their perception and to embrace the rich learning that is to be found when they experience different ways of thinking and knowing.  Doing this as friends committed to celebrating their unity in their diversity is seen as a great privilege.

Germany - Bayerischer Jugendring

Calvin Christian School has been actively involved in this programme for almost two decades.   The exchange is seen as a wonderful opportunity for students studying German as a second language to deepen their appreciation of German culture whilst improving their language skills.   Participating in the exchange involves hosting a German student for ten weeks in February before visiting their partner in Germany for 10 weeks in November.   Students apply in Years 9 or 10 and go on exchange in the following year.

The German exchange partners visit Calvin in February and stay with our students for ten weeks.   In November Calvin students go to Southern Germany (one of the most beautiful regions in Europe) for a reciprocal stay.   During that time they also tour Berlin for a week.   Some of our students get the chance to go skiing or snowboarding in the local Alps in Germany, Switzerland and/or Austria.

It is always a great cultural and language experience and our students are normally fairly fluent in German by the end of it and ready to do well in their Senior Secondary Exams.