Calvin is committed to the nurture of Christian character essential to leading with compassion.


Where once student leadership was the privilege of a few, at Calvin Christian School it is the experience of all students. Calvin is committed to preparing young people to positively enrich the lives of others. Part of this preparation entails actively encouraging students to take the initiative in recognising and responding to the needs of others and to accept the responsibility associated with leadership.

Kindergarten – Year 6

The Primary School provides many opportunities in the context of all class groups for students to learn and develop leadership skills. School captains represent the Primary School at formal community events including ANZAC services, Remembrance Day services and other forums. They exercise leadership throughout the year in various capacities and have weekly meetings to plan school activities. House captains and vice captains take a leadership role in planning, organizing and running the swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals. Year 6 students are trained in Peer Mediation techniques and are encouraged to put these into practice throughout their final year (Year 6) of Primary School.

Years 7 – 12

In their first years of secondary school all students are involved in the schools’ Creating Positive Futures programme. This programme aims to equip students to better understand themselves and to appreciate the positive role they can play as a member of a team.

During Year 10 all students take part in the leadership training programme White Space. Building upon the understandings gained in their Middle School years, students begin to develop the skills necessary to lead others.

In Years 11 and 12 all students are encouraged to be actively involved in one or more leadership roles. These include mentoring Year 7 students, providing tutorial support for students, serving on the Student Council, leading School Assemblies, planning and leading Outdoor Education camps including a Ski camp in New Zealand, designing and delivering learning activities for children in Fiji and coaching school sporting teams.

Understanding that to lead well one must be able to learn from others, each Year 12 student has a mentor from the broader school community.

Calvin is committed to the nurture of Christian character essential to leading with compassion. As students learn to value each individual and understand what it is to act with integrity and justice, they will be prepared to enrich the lives of others and play their part in building a strong and caring community.

Building Bridges

The Calvin Building Bridges Programme is a peer mentoring programme involving Years 11 and 12 students working to support Year 7 students. Building Bridges leaders who are chosen for the programme are specifically trained to lead groups of Year 7 students. The leaders work with the School Counsellor and Home Room teachers to provide each Year 7 student with the support necessary not only to settle into their new school environment but to feel they belong to a community that cares about them.