At Calvin it is recognised that every student has a valuable and unique part to play in celebrating life through the arts.


Calvin Christian School has a long history of excellence in the visual and performing arts. The dynamic programme encompasses the recognition that every student has a valuable and unique part to play in celebrating life through the arts.  Subjects offered include an extensive and specialist music programme (K-12) leading to Conservatorium study, with a number of our students gaining entry there.  The visual arts are well represented in the curriculum and in middle school and senior school include both elective and TQA courses.  And the Drama department offers a range of courses for all students.


Music is recognised at Calvin as a gift from God and all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 are provided with exciting opportunities to learn, develop and use their God given gifts.  They learn to communicate through music and interact with others through music.  The music programme includes learning to sing, play instruments, perform, read and analyse music and create their own music.  Students can participate in a number of co-curricular activities including being a member of a musical ensemble, band and/or choir. The school choirs  and ensembles regularly present mini concerts for older members oft he community and perform at the Oliebollen Festival and Calvin school events.


Drama at Calvin is a dynamic, exciting programme which fosters confidence in students as well as strong communication and ensemble skills.   One of the highlights of Calvin’s drama programme is the Primary School production held biannually. Years 7 and 8 see students exploring the techniques which enable them to move beyond simple role play into more in-depth characterisation.   They also progress from basic movement work into Physical Theatre and puppetry and explore of a range of theatrical genres.

When students elect to further their Drama studies, they extend their comprehension of acting techniques as they devise their own works and grapple with published scripts.   We study the history of theatre and how particular styles reflect the eras to which they belong.   Students progress through a whole new level of practical and theoretical understanding and skill.

The Student Theatre Company (STC) allows students with an interest in Drama to engage in practical workshops and to prepare and stage major productions.   The STC presented full length plays, radio plays, recorded plays teamed with photo shoots to create ‘power point plays’, and gone on tour with comedy reviews.

Visiting Artist

Calvin has developed a close relationship with a local visual artist and Christian symbolist, Maz (Marianne) Gill-Harper.  Maz’s works are executed in mixed media, acrylics, oils, pastels and charcoal.  The forms are semi-abstract and the content is Christian.  Maz uses her work to convey the hope that is to be found in Jesus Christ. She also writes blank verse reflections on specific works which she publishes as cards.  Some of Maz’s work has been published in her book, Parables of Jesus of Nazareth: paintings & written reflections on Biblical texts.  A range of Maz’s work can be seen hung around the school.  Students have visited Maz’s studio, and Maz is a regular visitor to the school.

Art and Soul

Art and Soul Calvin’s community art exhibition, seeks to celebrate the richly diverse talents of Tasmanian artists.  The exhibition is a community initiative of the school and is held annually in conjunction with the Calvin Oliebollen Festival.   The exhibition is seen as a wonderful way to express our celebration of life whilst reflecting on the deeper matters of meaning and truth; identity and purpose; life and hope.   The school counts it an enormous privilege to work in partnership with the Kingborough Council and the local community to enhance and enrich the cultural life of the municipality in such a meaningful way.   Artists may enter works from a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and printmaking, and are encouraged to incorporate the theme, ‘Belief, Passion, Place’.   Artists interested in exhibiting are invited to register their interest with Ali Stam on

[Featured Photo: King Tide, Year 11&12 Leavers performance, 2010]