Calvin’s approach to careers recognises and celebrates diversity in context of community.


Educating for the Future

At Calvin there is a strong focus on careers development and pathway planning. Having laid a strong foundation of excellence in the Primary School, we begin a careers focus with our Year 8s. In this year group we start with working on student’s awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. We explore their hobbies and interests, and establish a job preference by completing a career’s interest test. Discussions follow about jobs versus careers, and the educational requirements as we prepare them for Year 9 pathway subject selections.

We work with our Year 9’s on developing a better understanding of self and continuing what has been started in Year 8, but in more detail and in a more formal way. Students complete a short research assignment on a job of interest, exploring the requirements with respect to education, personal skills and attributes, and the work conditions.

Calvin Year 10 students complete a work studies unit of 50 hours with more detailed job research, resume writing, letter of application, mock interview and one week of work experience. Individual pathway planning counselling is completed before subject selection for Years 11 and 12. As part of their preparation for work students complete 10 hours of community service.

Years 11 and 12 focuses on preparing students for the next step. Career counselling is based on individual needs. The school facilitates the participation in industry representative and educational institution workshops for interested students. In Year 11 students complete 10 hours of school service.

Calvin Year 12 students participate in a mentoring programmes, and are matched with a Christian adult in the trade/profession of their career choice. The focus of the mentoring is on career guidance in an informal setting. Students and mentors meet over coffee and discuss not only what it means to work in the trade/profession of their choice, but also to consider how a Christian might approach that work in a way that honours God.