The Junior School is a safe supportive, dynamic learning environment where children are able to approach life with enthusiasm, confident they are loved and valued.


Early Childhood K-2

The home is the first learning environment that children experience and parents are their first teachers. At Calvin we value our partnership with parents – a partnership that begins before their children start school.

Kindergarten at Calvin begins in the year prior to enrolment, with a six session introduction which prepares children for their transition to the more formal setting of Kindergarten. Our 3 full days per week programme is a balance of discovery learning and the more structured aspects of numeracy and literacy which builds on the critical years of home learning.

In Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 students continue to build on these learning experiences. Fundamental movement skills are strategically developed to support the learning outcomes of students. Teaching strategies designed to promote deeper understanding of key concepts and ideas, guide students as they explore aspects of literacy and numeracy. These developmental steps increasingly lead to independent reading, writing, spelling and mathematical communication.

We place great importance on these early developmental steps as children progress towards becoming literate and numerate students.

Years 3-6

Calvin Primary School provides a safe, supportive and dynamic environment which enables young children to approach school life with enthusiasm, confident that they are loved and valued.

At Calvin we seek to develop the whole child – intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

The learning programmes are carefully developed by the teachers with the assistance of our Learning Support staff. Ongoing monitoring and assessment of the students’ progress ensure that the learning potential of each student in maximized.

The foundations of numeracy and literacy are a constant focus at all levels in the Primary School. All teaching staff are trained in THRASS (Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Skills), an acclaimed programme for teaching the building blocks of literacy. Teachers in the Primary School of Calvin Christian School have embraced the pedagogy and processes of teaching and learning for understanding as articulated in the First Steps Mathematics Programme.

Studies in the other key learning areas enable students to build their knowledge and understanding of God’s design of the natural and man-made world of the past, present and future.

The learning programme includes specialist teachers for Music and Physical Education. Class Assemblies provide opportunities to share and celebrate learning success across the whole school. Choir gives students the opportunity to express and appreciate the beauty of music through song in a variety of contexts. A strong sporting culture exists throughout the school, with more than half the students participating in Saturday soccer rosters, competing with other schools in the Hobart area. Participation in other sports is also encouraged. With the tremendous support of parents and friends as coaches, a wide range of opportunities are available for students to experience.

Primary Online Learning Environment (POLLE)

Calvin Primary School has a rich ICT environment.  POLLE (Primary On Line Learning Environment) is our Primary School LMS.